Dear Recruiters

The longer I've been a Recruitment Consultant, the less tolerance I have for clients who waste my time.Can you relate?It's satisfying to partner with cooperative clients and feel as though your work has some actual meaning to it.However, so much of the work we do is completely wasted due to matters outside of our control.This costs us time, money and, longer term, job fulfilment.Between us, we have much of the knowledge needed to decide if a job vacancy is worth taking on and prioritising or not.We just need a place to share it.This, is that place.Anonymously share your experience working for a hiring company and recruiting contact specifically.Benefit from others experiences; ensuring your time is well spent.Help cooperative, appreciative, respectful clients get the high-quality service they deserve.Yours faithfullyRecruitment Agency Founder

Sour Taste...

"A challenging client who attempted to renegotiate pre-agreed fee rates down by ⅓ ahead of the final interview, and also angled for a discount in the candidates’ salary expectations based on them being a start-up.The latter isn’t an unfair ask, but coupled with the former point, it did suggest a theme of waiting until people are committed before squeezing for discounts."

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